Saturday, July 10, 2010

New dance- Hot Issue by 4 minutes!!!!

It's time to make my blog alive again!!!! Thanks to Mr Terence give me the motivation of blogging again. He is going to post some super XXX stuff on his blog which is something like a ONLINE red light district!!! Hehehe i saw some of the stuff yesterday, it can really make u HIGH~~I am going to post the address of his blog when he is going to start a new blog.

Well...Let me talk about the dance class that i have been learning it for 5 months. The new song for our dance class is a korean song "Hot Issue" by 4 Minutes. It is a very CUTE song so the dance is CUTE too... It is so difficult for me since i cant really accept the word of CUTE again!!! When i look at myself in the mirror to do this dance, i feel like slap myself n break the mirror to whack an old aunty who act CUTE!!!! SIgghhhhhh.....I think i really need some time to accept it..

Here is the brief video of our first part of HOT Issue by our lenglui dancologist "Miss Yap"~~~ Enjoy!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Cadbury Eyebrows advertisement!! I am loving it~~

I am wondering is this advertisement trying to say that our eyebrows going to dance like this after eating cadbury chocolate??

Found an interesting video of how they do this advertisement which is "ELECTROCUTING"!!!

Cadbury...SHOCKINGLY good chocolate....

Friday, June 12, 2009

How to write a Resignation letter??

Short and simple but not formal

Short and a little bit formal

A very formal letter

or this one..........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rihanna's Umbrella in Hokkien!!!!

Rihanna's Umbrella in Hokkien.

Proudly presented by BIG papaya and SMALL papaya from PAPAYA SISTER 88251
( one more number extra, cannot buy 4D alr). I like the ending part when SMALL papaya want to prove that actually she is REALLY that SMALL.
Anyway, do u feel like eating papaya after watching this video??

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll be there.....

The beautiful mountain is waiting for me.....
The only exercise that i did on the past few months was moving my fingers on the keyboard to da game~~Although i am sure that this exercise is not going to help for the trip.
However, because of terence lo...I think i can make it!!!!!!!!
Terence lo!I will stand on the peak with proud n pride while holding a poster of " terence lo, u are moron" BLEK

Monday, March 09, 2009

Harbin Trip: Harbin SNOW Festival !!!

Harbin snow festival in Sun island~
Believe it or not!! This is all made of snow plus ice which is called "SNICE" Miss lotus!!
Snow breast!!Har~~ She is bigger than "DAI PO"..Santa Claus Snow house
Snow christmas Tree~
The famous "WU SONG" 雾凇 in Harbin~
Tree which is covered by ice and snow flake. The tree really look like a frozen lollipop . According to our tour guide, "Wu song" is a rare phenomenon. It was because cold temperature and water vapour is essential for it's formation. I saw this when there is a lot of fog in harbin .
Arrr...lazy to blog alr...Wanna go makan alr..blek

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A very Happie New Year......

It is a "VERY" happy new year for me on this year.....There is a lot of "HAPPY" events happen since the day before yesterday which is also the "FIRST" day of my Cuti CNY. Woolala!!!
22th of January; Thursday:
Wake up at 1.30pm as yesterday i just worked for 16 hours from 8am to 2AM, Which is worst than the on call in the hospital!!! I am an officer which is currently in charge of IMPORT so most of the time i will be working in the custom or port rather than the office, but i am so LUCKY to stay in the office and FORCED to join such a BIG raiding which is only held one or twice per year.
At least i get to know some new friends through this "RAPE"
After eating lunch which is also my breakfast, drive all the way from JB to Pontian. Normally it took only one hour, but because of the stupid traffic jam, i took nearly two hours in order to reach my home. When i reach home, i received a call from my mum and she told me there is some XO durian in the fridge. But she forgot to mention the word of "SOUR" in front of XO durian.
23th of January; Friday:
Dump all my smelly clothes for my new maid which just arrived yesterday and playing with myself happily in the living room. Suddenly, my mum told me that my maid is having Shortness Of breath. At first, i thought it is a joke for my smelly clothes until i saw her eye turn white. Then, i urgently drive her to the emergency department in hospital pontian.
In the end, i still have to wash all the smelly clothes by myself. KNS!!!
At least, i met DAI PO in Hospital Pontian!!She is still that BIG n sexy!!!
24th of january; Saturday:
Wake up at 1pm ,eating breakfast and playing myself happily in the living room. Suddenly, the worst nightmare arrived!!!! Little DEVIL Mangy come to my house and my aunt ask me to take care of her cause she had to prepare something for chinese new year.It is really EASY to take care of a little devil which has around ten ulcers on her mouth due to fungus infection!!! The war began, when we try to feed her to take the drugs and also the foods!! She ran, i chase....she ran, i chase...She cries n yelled...She cries n yelled...I try all the method in order to calm her down. In the end, she throw the foods at me...I ran , she chase, i ran, she chase. And she win!! The foods is all over the floor and also on my clothes.
In the afternoon, driving my dear airtrek to wash outside. However, there are too many people waiting to wash their car so i have to wait for around two hours, So i decided to wash the car by myself. After washing n cleaning my car, my mum told me she want to wash the floor and ask me to drive the car outside. After i parked the car outside, it is RAINING cats and dogs. Damn...It is like i never wash my car!!!!!!!
Then, the little devil Mangy crying again!!!! In the same time, my bf called me out for lunch. So i have to calm her down by bringing her out to meet my bf. With the nagging of my mum plus the yelling from the llittle devil, i drive my wajar out, suddenly i heard "BANG" !!! Oh my god!! I accidentally use my Wajar to KISS my father's car which is my dear airtrek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is quite serious... There is actually a big hole on the bumper of the airtrek. Who care about the wajar!! Surprisingly, there is only some scrathes on my wajar. Who say malaysia Tak boleh??

ARgh...........BAd days go away.......
Hopefully, tommorow will be a better day.......